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CASA is proud to make a difference in the lives of children whom we advocate for. Our CASA volunteers make it a priority that the children we represent realize just how very special they are. To do that, it's important to focus on birthdays and holidays, as many times for children in care, these can be overlooked. CASA has had the wonderful opportunity to team up with some very special organizations in our fair city to provide these delights. Check out some of our pictures from past events.

CASA - Easter Baskets

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Hello! Melanie McCormick here, CASA Director here in Carson City.

Well, it's been a busy evening here in the CASA office. I had heard through the grapevine that there were quite a few children within our community that were awaiting Easter Baskets from none other than the Easter Bunny himself. 

Well..... it just so happens that CASA is a very good friend of the Easter Bunny and it made sense to me to open up our office and let him put those baskets together.

Did you know, that just like Santa, the Easter Bunny has his own version of helpers, almost like little Easter elves? He calls them his "Peeps" ! Ha!

The "Peeps" were busy streamlining and assembling all of those glorious Easter Baskets. They also had their hands full putting together 350 eggs FULL of jellybeans that the Easter Bunny will be hiding bright and early tomorrow, Easter Sunday.

Just another day in the life of CASA, helping the kiddos we advocate for and assisting the mighty Easter Bunny.

We have some great friends in the Community and we want to say many, many thank yous to the guys and gals over at the Division of Child and Family Services. That wonderful group of individuals continues to empower families in building strong, lasting and healthy relationships. We at CASA are so grateful for all that donated to help us and the Easter Bunny get these baskets ready to go.

Much love to the ladies of Soroptimist of Carson City for their generous donations to the Easter Baskets this year. Did you know that it was their amazing dedication to our foster youth that prompted CASA to begin handing out Easter Baskets to our youth in care last year? It's now official, this will be a time honored tradition for us here at CASA and we couldn't have done it without you Soroptimist!